How to gain time by using markers template with your database?

In our last post, we created 2 personalized data categories and associated some data fields for a restaurant locator (read How to organize your personal Click2Map database?):

  • Opening Hours: opening times for each store
  • Amenities: services for each store like free wifi, mobile payment, 24-Hour service, drive-thru.

After we filled in information in our database (My database > Edit Values), we need to insert them in a marker template. It will be applied to all our markers.

In this case, we need to display the opening hours in the markers description and the amenities for each store in a specific extra tab.

Go to ‘Libraries’ menu > ‘Marker Templates’ button.

‘Add’ a new template and fill in the different cases:

  • Template Name: Store Locator
  • In the description, enter the data fields previously created


  • To make it easier for visitors to locate the stores, we check the ‘Display Address of markers’ option.
  • You can easily change the default icon too and choose a new one in the Click2Map galleries as we do here.

Then, choose ‘Extra tabs’ and add a Text tab.

  • Caption: Amenities
  • Content: type the data fields created in the previous blog post

template-database-2The template is finished! Now you can apply it to your markers.

Go to ‘Bulk operations’ menu and ‘Apply a Marker Template’ button.

Select the concerned markers and confirm. You can notice all your markers are filled with the information from your database.

Share and Customize your Store Locator Map (3/3)

store-locator-click2mapAs we said few weeks ago, a store locator helps internet users to find a selling point close to them with precise information.

In this previous article, we described the most important part of a Store Locator creation: Setting down markers on your map.

Today let’s see the last part of a Store Locator creation: publish and customize your map!

  • Publish your map

First you created your map, your categories and then placed your markers on your map. Now, you are ready to publish it and share it with your network.

You have 2 possibilities with Click2Map: you can choose to embed a widget on your website or redirect the map on an online URL hosted on Click2Map.

Generally, your goal is to make sure your store locator ranks high in the list of results when a request like “Brand + city” is performed on Google. For that purpose, the store locator has to respect some good practices of SEO: dedicated URL, local and specific content on each city or shop.


  • It is time to customize!

Last step and not the least, is the personalization of your widget.

It is important to make sure your widget matches the presentation and aspect of your website. To do that, you can use the publication options to change basic visual elements or you can call us if you need more complex map personalization.

With the basic layout tools of Click2Map Editor, you have the possibility to add a search, a directions tabs in your widget, and an address finder which allows users to find stores near to their location.

That’s it… your map is finished!

Tips and Tricks: don’t forget that your Store Locator need to be mobile friendly. Indeed, ⅓ of English mobile users and more than 40% of American mobile users have already used their cellphones to find a location or opening hours of the nearest shop. 24% of mobile requests on Google and 53 % of Bing requests have a local feature.

You know all the basics to start your Store Locator Map. Now, we are waiting for you on Click2Map!


3 simple methods to add markers on a Click2Map map?

import4The subject of this post seems to be certainly obvious but, after all, is essential when you create your map: how to add simply markers with Click2Map editor?

According to your needs, sometimes, it’s interesting to create markers individually one by one but, it suffices to create a dozen of points and this task becomes long and tedious. So, a feature exists in Click2Map : import a CSV file in a single operation, which allows you to import your own addresses file.

One last method is also conceivable: the creation of a marker from a template. When you have several identical points, it’s really easy to create an unique template and apply it on all your points and update them automatically, without modifying them one by one.

Let’s see together these 3 methods to add your markers on a map without the slightest effort with Click2Map.

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Set down your Markers on your “Store Locator” Map (2/3)

store-locator-click2mapAs we said few weeks ago, a store locator helps internet users to find a selling point close to them with precise information.

In this previous article, we described the 2 first steps to create your own ‘store locator’ map.

Today, let’s see the third step: Setting down your Markers

It’s the step to locate your markers on the map. Two choices are available to you.

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TOP 10 of the most useful Click2Map maps

We’ve selected the 10 following Click2Map maps created in 2014 – though very different they’re all useful in your daily life, as much personnal as professional. Discover some examples original maps created with the Click2Map Editor.

Click directly on map photos or titles to access our customers’ original maps.

ville-blanquefortIt’s very common and pratical to use Click2Map and create a map showing cultural, sporting, municipal, etc. services of a city. Here is represented Blanquefort, a french town. Public services are listed at the right of the map and located with markers and customized icons.

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Did you know French Remarkable Trees Map?

Today, we interviewed one of our clients, Alain CHONE, from the A.R.B.R.E.S. association, who created a map of French remarkable trees with the Click2Map editor.

In order to share with us his Click2Map experience, we questioned him about the association and its goals, but also about his daily use of the editor and the different feedbacks regarding his map.

Remarkable Trees MapDiscover this map by clicking here or by copying/pasting the following link in your current browser :

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Create Your ‘Store Locator’ Map (1/3)

Thanks to a ‘store locator’, your users will find your selling points near to them, actual and trusted information on them (addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours, photos, …), and a precise itinerary.

The ‘store locator’ improves the visibility of your shops in search engines. Today, studies prove that 64 % of internauts ‘google’ shops before moving. They search information to spot a product before buying it or quite simply locate the shops near to them and create an itinerary.

You will find below an example of a restaurant-pizzeria locator map. Click on a point and a tooltip will be displayed with contact information.

How to create this kind of map with personalized markers and publish it on your website? Let’s see the different steps.

So, today we will focus on the first couple of steps to help you to create your own “store locator” map with Click2Map.

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