3 steps to create points from a template

This week, ‘Tour de France’ Team revealed the official 21 stages plan of the famous bicycles race for the 102nd edition in 2015.

Derived from the official map, we’ve created a map with Click2Map web application and added different points of interests, showing the 21 race starts, from a template. Thanks to them, we were able to create points efficiently and expeditiously.

Follow the next 3 steps to create easily your points from a template.

1- Go to ‘Add’ tab > ‘Add markers from a template’ button 

2 – Create the templates

You can choose an existing template or create a new one. Here, to gain time, we created two templates : a template for race stage points and one for time trial points.

We completed caracteritics we need like personalized icons, weblink we want to appear on each markers, information shared by all points and finally a part of titles.


When your template is finished, choose it and confirm to start creating your points of interests or click on ‘Add’ button to design a new template.

3- Create the markers

If the template has been completed correctly, it will suffice to fill in the missing information of your points and that’s all there is to it !

 Start to add your points from a template now with Click2Map!

For any questions, contact us at support@click2map.com.

How to make a map from longitude and latitude coordinates?

Today, we will focus on making a map with longitude and latitude coordinates from a CSV file. We will select as an example the map below gathering French Embassies all over the world.

1- First, the easiest step is to create your map. Go to Add tab > Map. Title your map and put in a description if needed.

Here, I’m not interested to center my map on a specific country. So I position correctly my world map with the zoom level and click on “OK”.

2- To make sure the next steps go smoothly, you first need to check your CSV file and make it match with Click2Map’s CSV structure.

CSV File

CSV File of French Embassies all over the world

Here, we catch out for the following elements: Title, Country, Latitude and Longitude coordinates. The order in which elements are organized is not important. Click2Map will automatically associate matching columns. If this is not the case, you’ll have the possiblity to manually make associations during the import process.

3- You can import now your longitude and latitude coordinates. Go to Add tab > Markers from a file. A window appears, then follow step by step the different instructions:

  • Our file is registered in CSV semicolon format. Chose the right parameter concerning your CSV file.
  • Download and import it
  • Finally, Click2Map associates automatically matching columns

After importing your CSV file, Click2Map geolocates your markers coordinates and pin them automatically on your map.

4- To lighten our map, we chose to cluster our markers. Go to Map tab > Markers clustering option. Adapt clustering parameters for your map if needed.

Tips:  to change markers icon like on the map above, use bulk operations. Chose “Change Icon” command in “Bulk Operations” tab.

5- The final step is to publish and share your map. Here, we’ve embbeded it as a widget in the present article. An address finder and an itinerary tab have been added.

3D Mapping Earth Forests project of NASA

Today, I point out an interesting article on ZeeNews about NASA development of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Lidar device, designed to map Earth Forests in 3D

A laser-based system will provide forests depths from space measuring the distance from the space-based instrument to Earth’s surface. With a such accuracy, it detects subtle variations, including the tops of trees, the ground, and the vertical distribution of above ground bio-mass in forests.


However, NASA project is also developed to understand the role of Earth Forests in the carbon cycle. By revealing the 3D forests structure, GEDI device provides essential information in order to measure the impact of carbon trees from the atmosphere.

NASA said GEDI will be ready in 2018. 

More information here

5 Maps Using Click2Map

Hello There,

I have already shown and detailed custom development for client’s maps. However, a lot of our customers use the basic editor without custom features and build original and uncommon maps.

In this article, you will see 5 maps with different features, good examples of large possibilities to create the map which suits to your business.


Dinosaur Map

Here, markers represent dinosaur bones which have been discovered all over the United States.

This map has been created with Click2Map Editor. Its personalized icons have been choosen among those available in Click2Map Gallery and a little description has been added on each markers.

The map has been embedded as a widget on the website.


Prayer Map

This map gathers prayers all over the world. Two views are available in Click2Map Editor, Plan or Satellite base maps. Here our client choses the second option.

Some icons in different colors, little information in marker description, an embedded widget on a dynamic webpage … and you have a simple and original map!


Lochlomond and The Trossachs National Park

Have you ever dream once in a while to visit Scotland? Here are listed things you can see and do in the Lochlomond and The Trossachs National Park.

To illustrate these points of interest, markers contain rich contents as links, photos and information. They have been divided in groups to organize them.

To lighten the map, the client has hiden some groups of markers at the opening of the map. The user will have to click on them to display markers.


Drawing Map

Sometimes add markers is not enough to build the appropriate map. That’s why Click2Map Editor allows you to draw Lines and Polygons and highlight some areas on your map. As this one above, it points out all districts of a town called Metz.

Just as markers, information and link can be added in the description of drawings. They will be displayed when an user will click on them.


Municipal Services Map

Here comes a complete map showing different public services of a city near Paris, Fontenay-Sous-Bois: schools, sport and cultural equipments, districts, parks, transportation, public administrations….

On this map, you will find out a lot of Click2Map features available with the editor: markers with slideshow of photos or information, addresses and different weblinks, personalized icons, distinct groups, drawings, etc.

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4 Useful Click2Map Mobile features for updating markers on the move


Hi There,

Today, I choose to put myself in the shoes of an estate agent who wants to update information about his real estate stock while he’s on the move. He needs essential functionalities to be productive and efficient.

So, grab your mobile phone and discover Click2Map Mobile.

Click2Map Mobile is a free application allowing you to consult, update, create and manage all your maps from any location. It helps you create and manage advanced online maps from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

We’ll now present 4 essential features of your mobile app worth knowing!

1. GPS positioning

GPS geolocation helps you create markers at a precise location in real-time. If you want to create a point of interest exactly at your current location, Click2Map Mobile offers all the features need.

If needed, you can also manually update the position of a marker by entering its street address or geographical coordinates.

2. Associate pictures with markers on site

Good photos are always welcome when you want to sell or rent a place. Click2Map Mobile allows you to do that directly while on location. You can switch to Photo mode to start creating markers whenever you take a new photo or you can take pictures and later associate them with one or more existing markers by selecting them in your phone’s gallery.

3. Update information on location

Just like pictures, the description of you markers can be modified in real-time, wherever you are. Click2Map Mobile allows you to update your real estate properties’ descriptions and characterstics whenever you need.

4. Use Groups

Click2Map Mobile allows you to create groups in which you can then add markers. It’s really convenient to separate for example the houses from the flats or the rental accommodations from the ones for sale. You can even add subgroups for an even more precise organization of your markers.

Visual personalization is also possible by taking advantage of the embedded icon library to illustrate your groups.

Click2Map iOSClick2Map Android

More effective with Click2Map Editor…

Click2Map Mobile is also a great companion application for the online editor. You can perform all data intensive tasks in the Click2Map online editor to prepare your work with the mobile apps. For example, you can import your property database and create specific categories related to you business with different fields such as the surface area, the number of bedrooms, the selling price, etc.

All the information entered in the online editor become accessible through the mobile apps: you can then update the information from the mobile apps when you’re on location.

More information about Click2Map Mobile, here.

Click2Map’s Story in a few key figures

Hello there,

Today, I come back with some key figures and facts to learn more about the Click2Map story. From its origin to the recently released mobile Apps, here’s an overview of Click2Map’s evolution focusing on a few key figures.

  • Click2Map’s past

August 2006: idea and creation of the first prototype
March 2007: 1st beta public version
October 2007: introduction of paid plans. And, most importantly, our 1st customer!
June 2010: new version (v2) with uploading maps function
January 2011: setup on Chrome Webstore
November 2012: iPhone and iPad versions
January 2013: Android version
January 2014: new iPhone version
Year 2015: future version 3


  • Key figures

80 000 users
400 000 existing maps
15 000 000 markers created
Present in 197 countries


  • TOP 5 countries where Click2Map users come from

Top5 countries where Click2Map users come from

  • Activity Fields of Click2Map Maps

- Tourism: 30%
- Community: 15%
- Commerce: 7%
- Cultural: 6%
- Education: 4%
- Environment: 4%
- Municipality: 3%
- Logistics: 3%

30% of Click2Map maps are about tourism. The most important use is to locate important spots to visit or accomodations and restaurants to go…

The second activity is about community information: 15% of maps show, for instance, garage sales in a neighborhood, members of a network, an employment assistance map…

  • Mobile Apps

Today mobile devices are everywhere and daily used by millions of people around the world. Roughly 25% of all internet traffic concerns the web traffic form mobile devices. 26 billions dollars are the turnover generating by mobile apps market in 2013. Mobile devices changed the way businesses work. Ergonomics, simplicity, intelligence, whenever and wherever you need, all these criteria lead Click2Map to enter into the market and create complementary applications to the editor.

15 000 downloads of Click2Map Mobile on iOS and Android systems

Join our Mapping Roadtrip with Atalante!


Today we’re going to travel with our client Atalante. The summer vacation seems to be a good time to breath in some fresh air and go trekking with Atalante.

This presentation will be divided into 7 steps – each one will focus on specific details of  the mapping project created as a collaboration between Atalante and Click2Map.

Come aboard and join us on our mapping roadtrip!

Day 1: Atalante Company

Created in 1986 by Frédéric Faure and Christophe Leservoisier, two passionate travelers, Atalante is a Tour Operator specialized in trekking trips.

Atalante is a pioneer of hikings, treks and meets with the locals for dream destinations all over the world (Treks in Tanzania, Desert crossing in Sahara, Climb Kilimanjaro…).

Based in Paris, Lyon and Bruxelles, a dedicated team advises people about original trips with turnkey packages or custom journeys.

Open the website and discover all travelling possibilities…

map ata3

Day 2: The Journey

Choose any excursion and read the description, the difficulty of the treks, the comfort of commodities, information about the weather, travelling conditions, the altitude…

Next to the different steps of the journey, you will find a mini-map. Clicking on it gives you access to an interactive map with daily travel details.

Day 3: Consult the Map

Click2Map has created this interactive map following Atalante expectations.

The first general cartography shows the trip’s different steps. A legend explains the meaning of all points of interests and itineraries when you have to walk, trek, take public transports, stop at a hotel or a camp, tipi…

A small description provides information about the most beautiful spots.

map ata

Day 4: Day by Day

The day-to-day travel map helps you discover all steps, excursions and details. When you select a particular day, all the daily details are displayed: points of interest, hotel or sleeping location. Itineraries belonging to different days are greyed out to and information about the day’s trekking time and difficulty is provided.

map ata4

Day 5: Tell me more!

Clicking on a marker or point of interest display information about it. Information windows have been personalized and designed with texts, photo slideshows, hotel ratings, among other things.


Day 6: Personalized project

As you have probably guessed, all these functionalities are not available with the standard Click2Map Editor. Atalante represents more than 250 custom maps directly linked with the company’s information system: all features and functionalities are the result of a close working relationship established between the Atalante and Click2Map teams. Everything from the tooltips, colors to the zoom levels and general design has been customized for Atalante by the Click2Map team. Click2Map provides continued support to Atalante, adding more features when needed.

Day 7: Happy Holidays!

Your journey stops here.

Now, we can only advise you to visit the Atalante website and take some vacation wherever you want.

5 Click2Map Pro Tips

1. Quick Add markers Mode

This mode allows you to directly add a marker at a location with a single click. First, you need to activate it by checking the Quick Add markers option at the right of the Editor window.
Left click on the map where you want to create a marker and you’re done.

2. Images sizes

You would like to know the right image size to use to make sure they fit perfectly in the Editor.

  • Photo placed in a marker description: 355 x 130 pixels (larger images will scroll horizontally or/and vertically)
  • Photo in a photo tab: 300 x 150 pixels (larger images will be resized to fit in this space – clicking on the image thumbnail opens the original full-size image)
  • Icons: all icons should be placed in a 32 x 32 image, preferably in PNG format.

3. Bulk operations

Bulk operations give you the possibility to add, modify, delete… multiple markers at the same time.

If you wanted to create for example a tab “Price and Opening Hours” on all your markers, you’d simply have to do this:
Use the Bulk Operations > Other Bulk Operations command from the menu, then select Add an extra tab from the dropdown list. You can then choose the Text tab type and start entering the information you want.

4. Clustering options

Your map includes so many markers that you can’t see it correctly? You have to enable clustering.
On the Map tab, you have the possibility to configure clustering options: the rate which higher it is more markers will be clustered, the minimum markers you need to build a cluster and which zoom level markers won’t be clustered anymore.
AutoDetect function is also possible. It’s based on your current zoom and marker count.

It’s good to know clustering is forced over 250 markers loaded in map view.

5. Map Center?

If your map needs to be centered on a specific geographical location, for instance a country like France, enter the exact address in the properties of the map on Center Map Address area. Click on the Geocode button to convert the location entered above to its geographical coordinates.

If you know the exact Latitude and Longitude, you can use them instead to define the central point for the map. Otherwise, the coordinates are automatically filled in when you click on the Geocode button.

Don’t forget our help center: here

Web Project to Custom Map with Absolute Référencement


We come back today with a special article about one of our client: Absolute Référencement. To learn more about this company, I’ve interviewed David DURAND PICHARD, a specialist teleworker who’s been working for 3 years for Absolute Référencement. His SEO expertise has allowed him to work for prestigious clients since 1996, such as the French TV company M6, the MEDEF, the BNP Paribas bank, the real estate agency Logic-Immo…

 Absolute Référencement is based in Paris, at Mantes-La-Jolie, and employs 11 persons. Its specialties are SEO, web and marketing strategy, e-reputation and communication.

 The aim of SEO is to increase traffic and improve audience quality to responding search engines requirements with quality and relevant content on a website. So, Mr. DURAND’s project was in line with the company strategy since it was designed to highlight how French municipalities rank on search engines in France.

 The difficulty was to put this idea on a map and the Click2Map Team took up the challenge and built the custom map below:

Source: Absolute Référencement website

But how did we get this result? Why choose Click2Map? I asked all these questions to Mr. DURAND.

  •  How did this idea come up? Why create a map?

 David DURAND has always had connections in the political world with mayors and communication specialists. Last summer, he started a study about the visibility of the city halls websites. More of 1200 towns were analyzed.

 “How are the e-reputation and communication of a town positioned on the Internet? How does it put forward relevant content? Studying these points was interesting because they are not the main concerns of some city halls.” reveals Mr. DURAND.

The ranking of major cities was surprising and disturbing. For example, you won’t see Paris in the TOP 10 of the region “Ile De France” or in the TOP 10 of the cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants especially as Municipal Elections 2014 was closed (23th and 30th March 2014).

If you take a look in the sheet of the TOP 20 most visible cities in France, you can notice the first one is a little town in Dordogne with little more than 8000 inhabitants, Coulounieix-Chamiers.

To conduct this study, Absolute Référencement has chosen specifics key words related to the main topics for which a town website should appear in search engines. A total of 100,000 words were used. Example of keywords: “elected officials” [Town], “Building Permit” [Town], or [Name of Mayor]…

The choice of the requests has been made in order to address legitimate concerns of the administered cities like public services, transportation means, building permits, Market Days…

The visibility of these websites is broken down into three distinct groups and marked by an index:

  • The “good students”, (ranked > 20,000): green symbol
  • The “middling students” (between 5,000 and 19,999): orange symbol
  • The “bad students”  (less 5,000): red symbol

So, the use of a map was legitimate. As Mr. DURAND says: “When you want to see the bad and/or the good of a region, the map is an obvious option.”

The map was launched on Absolute Référencement’s website in March 2014, a little before the Municipal Elections.

  • Why Click2Map and how did you hear about us?

 Ex Vice-President of SEO Camp (an association which regroups more than 100 members and more than 100 sympathizers, whose main activity or interests are SEO or “search engine marketing”), Mr. DURAND is a regular in the network of Web Specialists.
After different professional meetings and scheduled exchanges and discussions, he met Antony ZANETTI, one of the co-founders of Click2Map.

“The main objective of Absolute Référencement was to find a product which can integrate a huge personal data esthetically.” That’s why Click2Map was perfectly suited to the profile. A custom map gave access to Mr. DURAND some opportunities and new features on the development of his map.

  • What are the custom functionalities Click2Map provided?

- Search tool system: Click2Map created a personalized search system to display only selected information, dynamic research…

Source: Absolute Référencement website

- Center the Map: When the visitor clicks on a particular region, the map is centered on this area

Source: Absolute Référencement website

- Tooltips have been created on-demand: Name of Mayor, Zip code, Number of People, the Website, the SEO visibility, and a link with its evolution over several months illustrated by a chart.

Source: Absolute Référencement website

- Personalized design: the design was adapted naturally to the colors of the company and the website. Personalized icon, company logo, custom colors, everything has been thought in this direction…

- Absolute Référencement doesn’t use the Click2Map Editor. A specific import module hase been developed to allow Absolute’s team to update their map contents directly, with no Click2Map intervention…

  • Did you have some feedbacks?

 Mr. DURAND explains precisely. “The principal reason of such a low visibility, is that a lot of towns only have enough money to create a website and don’t invest in the SEO referencing. They are aware that their website was not created with normal rules but their point was not to be seen but most of the time the interest was political. If the others websites mention the facilities, services, local shops… that’s enough for them.
On the other hand, sometimes the problem is different. They don’t have the communication rights. For example a store opens and the city hall wants to talk about it. But they can’t if they doesn’t obtain the communication rights! Most of the time they’ll let other websites promote it.”

So, basically a little part of the 1255 cities gave a feedback. However, they was pleased to use the map and surprised by the results of their position among all cities in France. Many towns used the map to improve their performance.

  • How do you collaborate with Click2Map?

 “The collaboration between Click2Map and Absolute is good. The exchange of email is regular.”

 Building this map was a classic web project. Absolute Référencement and Click2Map conceived it well in advance. During numerous meetings and discussions, Mr. DURAND and the Click2Map Team thought about all possibilities and consequences. For example, the map is totally integrated on the website. But if the map doesn’t work, the web page still does.

  • And the future improvements?

A future TOP of the cities which improved their visibility is planned. The towns won’t be particularly the best. For example: Clermont-Ferrand has maximized its chances by changing its domain name. It is a huge progress but it’s not part of the most visible cities yet.
For the technical side, as Mr. DURAND says: “Ergonomics and loading time can always be improved”.

If you want to take a look of Absolute Référencement website, click here or on the link: http://www.absolute-referencement.com/

For any questions, contact us support@click2map.com